16 December 2011

Create Your Own iPhone case

Working on adding this to our site. Contact us for details

iPhone 4 cases in collaboration with Amy Davis

Extremely pleased to be collaborating with Amy Davis
The one on the left is called Bless and to the right is Rockers


Win a free iPhone case designed by one of iconemesis artists. To be with a chance of winning go to our facebook page - here

14 December 2011

11 November 2011

iPhone case giveaway

For the second week running we have an iPhone case giveaway offering over at iconemesis facebook page. If you’re interested its here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Iconemesis/203413836379283

30 October 2011

24 October 2011

iPhone 4 cases designed by Cat Sims

A collection of iPhone 4 cases  designed by Cat Sims. The designs are also available for iPhone 3g here

21 October 2011

Our giveaway competition has now ended and the lucky winner will be announced tomorrow...thank you to all that reblogged!!

Fingers x for press review

Yesterday we received a request for press review of our brand, products and collaborations . As requested we prepared these two to be despatched today... fingers crossed it goes to print.

iPhone 4 case giveaway!!!

Our iPhone 4 case giveaway competition ends on today at 4pm. To be with a chance of winning head over to our tumblr page + rebloghttp://iconemesis.tumblr.com/

19 October 2011

We may have iPhone 4S cases before xmas!!!

Fifi Lapin at iconemesis

These are the new Fifi Lapin's iPhone 3g and 4 recently added to our product range and already proving hugely popular...for these and more have a look at our online store here

thank you
iconemesis love all!!!

7 October 2011

Good morning all..
Today we will be posting some pics of products we have on our webstore, including iPhone cases for the new iPhone 4S