19 November 2013

Fifi Lapin and I

Fashion blogger from Spain, Eliza of Caprice by Elirosu features the iconemesis Mauve Coat iPhone 5/5S case.

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18 November 2013

Hello Fifi Lapin!

We’re delighted to introduce new designs by Fifi Lapin.

These brand new iPhone 5S cases have been introduced specifically for the winter.

They are the most gorgeous winter collection we have and you can have a look at them here.

The designs are also available on iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.


8 November 2013

Colour Dip Dye

Ever wanted to experiment with different hair colors but were reluctant to because of the rather permanent nature of hair dyes? Well these days it's easier than ever and there are many dyes that are less permanent. There's no need to fear hair dying your hair anymore! We've listed some great products for you to try it out yourself.

This watercolour hair dye has been raved about by many beauty bloggers and buyers. What's great about this dye is that not only do you get a vibrant colour, but it also serves as a hydrating hair mask. Who doesn't love a dual purpose beauty product! It comes in many other colours and will usually stay for about five washes. 

Kool-Aid?? Yes, that's what I said, Kool-Aid. Not only is it a delicious drink, it can serve as a cheap and chemical-free way to dye the ends of your hair. Just take two packets of sugar free kool-aid (try cherry, raspberry or grape, they tend to work the best) and boil two cups of water in a pot. Pour the hot water into a bowl, mix in the kool-aid and voila you have your dye! Just remember, the longer you keep your hair in the dye, the darker the color will be. 

Hair chalk is one of the easiest ways to add colour to your hair without much of a hassle. You may be wondering which is better, chalk or liquid dyes, like the one's I've listed here. Well they both have their pros and cons. A big plus is that there's a wider variety of colors with chalk than with liquid dyes. Also you don't have to bye the chalk set I have listed here, any soft pastel chalk that you can find at your local art store will do. To achieve the dip dye with chalk is simple. First, you're going to need the chalk, a spray bottle with water, and a curling or straight iron. Take about a one inch section of hair at a time. Spray the section with water and rub the chalk stick on the hair. Let it dry and then go over it with your curling or straightening iron to seal in the color. 

Many of you have probably heard of the brand Manic Panic. They have awesome hair dyes and have been around for a while so they've definitely got their dye formula down. Similar to the Water Colour Hair dye, it gives a vibrant color and washes out after a few washes.  


7 November 2013


Style and travel blogger Anne Stinkvoort from The Netherlands, features the iconemesis Llama iPhone case by Gemma Correll.

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5 November 2013

Our Favourite Winter Warmers

Our favourite winter warmers this Autumn Winter 2013, are from a range of high street stores, including Topshop, New Look and H&M, they are a great range of prices for everyone’s pockets. 

Topshop have given us a range of great coats to choose from. Tartan and a winter coat what could be more perfect and on trend? 

The double-breasted coats from both H&M and New Look give us a low priced on trend statement coats to keep us cosy in the winter months. 

Opt for a dark colour when it comes to statement boyfriend coats, we think they look great if you can match them with something floral or Christmasy when out and about. 

If you already have a great winter warmer then why not choose a gillet to put over a leather jacket or winter jumper and make a statement with your winter warmer! 

1 November 2013

Our Autumn Winter Staple Pieces

So some of our main Autumn Winter essentials are a mix of clothing and accessories! Our first essential this autumn winter is tartan!

As you can see we have selected some of our favourite finds from on the high street, with a mixture of ZaraTopshop and New Look. The Grey Boyfriend coat from New Look is a great shape and being a big lover of anything boyfriend styled, we do ourselves, have the black version tucked away in our wardrobe ready for the winter months!

Next on our Autumn Winter essentials are the Zara Moccasin Loafers! It’s always a struggle to find good flat shoes to wear every day, especially in the winter months. Wearing boots all winter can become boring and monotonous but these Zara loafers are perfect for every day wear and keeping puddles outside your shoe instead of inside! These Zara loafers look sturdy and fashionable all autumn/winter and you could even adapt them to a spring style in the months to come.

With Christmas and New Year coming up it’s essential to have a good white shirt to wear with some smart trousers, such as the Zara Cropped Shirt and Topshop Blue and Red Tartan trousers. They are a great pair together to achieve a smart out to dinner look with family or friends.

Next is our favourite Autumn Winter essentials, the Zara Tartan Scarf! It is reversible and warm with a lovely soft feel! You can be either totally British with a red tartan or play it down to effortless and cool with the dark side! It is a wear all winter type of scarf and goes perfectly with the New Look Grey Boyfriend Coat!

By Sophia of Sophia’s Pocket