29 June 2013

20% Off Orders

Here’s another code for 20% discount for all of our customers who wish to buy our iPhone cases.

Today’s code is SATSTY202

To enjoy the goodness, visit us at www.iconemesis.co.uk


Image credit: http://saythistoyou.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/iconemesis.html

27 June 2013

New In - Pugs

We’re delighted to introduce new design by Gemma Correll.


23 June 2013

Enjoy 20% Off!

Today is the last day of our weeklong promotion.

Like everyday since last week Monday, we’re giving all our customers a voucher code.

Today’s code is SUNMVP20, which can be used to get 20% off all orders.


22 June 2013

Saturday Voucher Code

Today’s voucher code is SATADC20

This gives a 20% off all purchases on our online store, www.iconemesis.co.uk, and valid for today only.


21 June 2013

Shop Wth 20% Voucher Code

Everyday, this week we have given our customers a 20% voucher code to use for the purchases.

Today's code is: FRILBS20


20 June 2013

Shop 20% Off

Today, like everyday this week we are giving our customers a 20% voucher code to use with their purchases.

Today's voucher code is THUAPB20


19 June 2013

20% Off Purchases - Day 3

Today is the third day of our weeklong promotion.

Get 20% off all purchases...use voucher code: WEDCNB20


18 June 2013

Today’s the second day of our weeklong promotion.

Use code: TUEAPB20

Shop iPhone cases / covers


17 June 2013

20% Off All Products Week

This week, we’re offering all our social friends 20% discount against their purchases.

Each day we’ll be giving out a unique code to apply when making their purchases.

Today’s code is MONLBL20.


12 June 2013

Introducing iconemesis to Stockists

We currently sell our products through our online store.

However, we would also love for them to be stocked in high street stores so that they are more accessible to our audience and also reach out to new customers who may have not seen our products before.

There are some stores that we believe will be able to stock our products. Most of these are independent boutiques, like Dover Street Market but we hope that as we progress we are able to attract interests from department stores, like Selfridges.

We'll keep you posted.


Dover Street Market, London

10 June 2013

Blog Mention by Mes Voyages a Paris

Monica Sors of Mes Voyages a Paris, with the Teacup iPhone case in an outfit post in which she’s wearing Zara shorts and Berksha top.

Monica is a fashion blogger from Barcelona, Spain. 

She loves the sun and beach, chocolate and going to Paris Fashion Weeks.


9 June 2013

Giveaway iPhone Case

This week, one winner will win a new iPhone case from us.

We’re giving away one iPhone case, which is perfect to protect your iPhone.

All you need to do to participate is:

1) Write which case you would like to win (choose here)
2) Add a comment below with your email address.

**For additional entry, follow us on Instagram @iconemesis**

We’ll publish the winner next Saturday 15th of June.

Have a great week!


5 June 2013

Introducing iconemesis to Bloggers

Social media is a very important part of any business, particularly for a small brand like iconemesis. 

As we do not have a budget for marketing campaigns, this is one of very few options we have inorder to reach our audience.

Last year, we started introducing our band and products to bloggers  in order to build an association, and luckily many have been supportive. As of today, our products have been featured by various bloggers globally. From Alexander Pepa, to Hanneli Mustaparta in her "what's in my bag” style post.

We love seeing bloggers with our products and are always looking for bloggers new bloggers to reach out to. In order to do this we have compiled a list of some of these blogs which include those that have featured our products and those we are huge fans of.

Unfortunately, we can't list them all here but here are some of them.


Style Scrapbook

Wish Wish Wish

The Native Fox

Karlas Closet

Lovely by Lucy

Ebba Zingmark

The Cherry Blossom Girl

The Blonde Salad

Into The Fold

4 June 2013

Our Bag Range - The Bowling Bag

A few weeks ago we asked you all to vote for your favourite bag from our 3 designs, and the most popular was the bowling bag. 

As you may know we have been looking to manufacture our bags here in the UK. So we found a small leather bag manufacturer in London and they made us a sample bag, but disappointingly it was not made to our expectations.

So we carried on searching for another manufacturer and luckily we have found one, which we hope this time will create our perfect iconemesis bowling bag.

In 4-6 weeks we will hopefully have a beautiful bag to showcase, we will keep you posted!