23 November 2012

iPhone 5 case manufacturing

The initial prototypes were slightly longer and wider than they needed to be. As a result, did not fit the iPhone 5 very well. We then revised the drawing and made a second one which was perfect.

Following this, we approved drawing and moved into manufacturing.

We had a few options for manufacturing but decided to go use Proto Labs. One of the main reasons we chose them was their quick turn-around time and assurance that the company will be able to produce the cases to the quality standard we require. We were also assured that they will not have any problem making the cases with our chosen material, Sorona a material made by DuPont.

Sorona is a material made in part with renewable materials which fits well with our environmental policy.

Yesterday, work begun on the mould which will be used to produce the cases. This work will take a couple of weeks and the first cases are scheduled to be shipped on or before the 10th of December.

22 November 2012


A few months ago we held a competition to win one of our iPhone cases with Ebba Zingmark. It attracted a lot of interest and we decided to do it again. 
If you missed it there’s another opportunity, find out here >> 
Goodluck! xx iconemesis