28 February 2013

Bow-embellished snake-effect leather ankle boots by MIU MIU. We like it!


27 February 2013


Lately, we’ve been unable to post photos on Instagram.

The problem started a couple of months ago when we noticed that our comments and hashtags were not showing on our posts. 

To solve the issue we followed the first steps but the problem persisted. We then submitted a bug report, to which we got no reply, but this too has not solved the problem.

We’ve had a similar issue on Facebook, and wondering if Facebook’s purchase of Instagram has anything to do with the problems we’re experiencing.

We’re hoping the problem is solved but in the meantime we’ve created a new page @iconemesispr.


26 February 2013

Online Store - iconemesis!

We are starting work on a new online store, which will include our new products.

We are thinking of allowing you to view the progress and add your comments.

Would you like this?


Kitty Flats

We adore these flats so uniquely created by Charlotte Olympia.


25 February 2013

Coffee Illustration

Coffe illustration by Lily X, a Singaporean illustrator.
We think this will look great on iPhone cases, and have made a mock-up of it below.
What do you think?


24 February 2013

Floral Pattern

Beautiful floral prints by Katarina Voloder.

Katarina is an illustrator and print designer based in London who has an obsession for floral and organic shapes.


23 February 2013

Lately we have been looking around to get ideas of colours for our bag range.

A few weeks ago we visited Selfridges on Oxford street, London, and found these bags by Prada and Loewe.

Both of these brands are ones we admire, particularly Loewe and these colours serve as inspiration.


22 February 2013

21 February 2013

Leonor, fashion blogger behind The Sparkling Lemon, with the Watercolour iPhone case.

20 February 2013

iPhone Cases Designed by Cat Sims

These are our iPhone case collection designed by Cat Sims.

Cat is a London-based graphic designer who takes inspiration from the patterns and intricacies found in within organic farms.




Bush baby

Packaging Box

This a prototype copy of our iPhone 5 case packaging box.

It was created by Cyberpac, and arrived in the post yesterday.

Cyberpac is a creative packaging specialist. We have worked with them for over a year and are very happy with their work till date.

The box has been made with as little material as possible, and is recyclable. This works well for us as it fits our environmetal policy and belief that less packaging creates less waste.

We are now working on the design and can’t wait to see the finished product. 


19 February 2013

Last week, our print designer started a new full time job at Karen Millen and she had to leave us.

We’re sad to see her leave but happy she’s starting work at such an established brand, one that we admire.

During her short time with us Sacha Kreeger created some designs for our iPhone cases which are growing increasingly popular. She also brought new ideas onboard and the idea behind our trend lend designs. See designs below.

Sacha is a very talented print designer and it was great to work with her, we are sure she’ll continue to excel.


UPDATE 20/02/2013 - We currently have a position open for a Print Designer. More details can be found here >>

18 February 2013

Win It! - iPhone case

Win one of our iPhone case.
To enter for a chance go to Little Tree Vintage >
This giveaway ends Februrary 25th.

16 February 2013

Work in Progress - Bags

We have revised our designs and replaced the straps and clips with tags. 

At present, we playing with colours and the colours below are just an example. 

Once we have made the samples, we’ll decide on the colours which could be a bag with one colour, two-tone or multiple colours.

We hope you’ll like our range.


11 February 2013


Sushi, fashion blogger living in Melbourne, with the Teacup case for the iPhone.

10 February 2013

Sun Lee Siew Loo

These are the iPhone case designed by Sun Lee Siew Loo.

Sun a Singaporean illustrator who has a passion with typographical illustration.

We are very pleased with our collaboration with Sun and you can see her designs and the full collection on our website >






9 February 2013

Project Update on Bags

Over the past week, we have been in contact with and visited factories to develop our bag range.

Unfortunately, none of the factories are able to support us for various reasons.

When we began this project we thought it would be a challenge and so far this has proven to be the case.

We are hopeful of finding a factory and on Monday we will continue our search.

Fingers crossed...


Public Attention for iconemesis

This time last we hardly hard any visitors to our website.

Needing to get public attention we started to send our iPhone cases to bloggers in exchange for a blog posts.

The first blog post was on Hey Dickface. Since then we’ve been featured by Hanneli Mustaparta, Anouska Proetta Brandon, Carrie Hardwood -WishWishWish - and Alexandra Pereira Romero - Lovely Pepa, amongst many other bloggers around the world.

This has helped to create awareness and to date, we continue to create awareness this way.

If one day iconemesis became a success, we could say that this has contributed to this.

The Awkward Moment
by Hey Dickface

In My bag
by Hanneli Mustaparta

iconemesus & Boy Pants. 
Anouska Brandon

Spring in My Step
by WishWishWish 

Leather Belts

Leather belts we love.

Which is your favourite?






7 February 2013

We Heart Watches

We love watches and will like to make them in future.

There are so many beautiful watches out there but these are some of our favourites.

Which is your favourite?


6 February 2013

Update - iPhone 5 case

You may already know that we are experiencing a delay to our iPhone 5 cases.

Inorder to progress, we decided to change our material choice for producing these cases.

The new material is the PBT which we have used for our iPhone 3G/3GS, 4 and 4S cases. One of the reason we chose the Sorona in favour of the PBT is that the Sorona performs better with our printing process and is of superior quality.

 Presently, work is progressing on the new cases and we are now expecting to get some samples early next week.

Fingers crossed the problems that have caused the delay will have been resolved and we can finally have cases in stock before the end of the month.


Which Style - Bags

You may already know that we’re developing a range of handbags.

Lately, we have been looking for a manufacturer to make these bags and have since realised that we may only be able to develop only one due to costs and our budget.

So we are thinking of developing one of the styles and then the others. 

The big question is: which style to make? Help us choose, please!

Cross-body, Tote or Bowling Bag?


4 February 2013

Giveaway iPhone case

We have recently teamed up with the lovely Lovisa Barkman to host a giveaway competition to win one of our iPhone cases.

For full details on how to enter headover to her blog here >

Goodluck :)


3 February 2013

Chequer Board

This case is inspired by the Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2013 chequer board print which is a huge look celebrities are already wearing.

Created by Sacha Kreeger, our print designer.

2 February 2013

Update - Bags

This week, we’ve continued our search for a manufacturer to make our bags.

Despite being in contact with some, we haven’t yet being able to find one that is particularly interested in supporting us.

This is quite frustrating considering there are not many leather goods manufacturers available in the UK. 

Below are images of the range, which will be available in different colours influenced by the seasons trends.

The colours have been done quickly to give an idea. The small bag will be a clutch bag with a strap that can be made removable.