25 October 2012

Prototype iPhone 5 case

Prototypes of our iPhone 5 case, made to confirm it is as per our design. 
These were 3D printed by an OBJECT machine.
The bottom two photos show how the cases were made layer by layer. 
Check how 3D printing works below: 

22 October 2012

iPhone 5 case development

These are two images showing the iPhone 5 case in its current state. The technical details behind these images are being used to create prototype - early sample or model - cases, which are ready for collection tomorrow.

iPhone 5 case design

Following the initial sketches, which were revised a few times, these became the first visuals of the iPhone 5 case.

18 October 2012

Insert for iPhone 5 case

We are currently exploring packaging ideas for the iPhone 5 cases. 
One of the options for the insert is cardboard paper and we think one similar to the above will work really well.

Packaging box by Pendragon 

15 October 2012

Jayna Dave

Floral Birdie iPhone case design submitted by Jayna Dave. 
To see more of her designs, go to >>

iPhone 5 case sketches

Following the initial brief the product designer, these became the first sketches of our iPhone 5 case.

1 October 2012


iconemesis is a relatively new lifestyle brand. We work with artists to create iPhone cases. Some of our current designers are Fifi Lapin, Gemma Correll, Leah Goren and Karin Soderquist.

Creativity is at the core of what we do and we are looking for exciting designs for our cases including the upcoming iPhone 5 cases. So, have you got what we’re looking for? If so, we’d love to see it.

Use the design template, here, create and send us your work.

Once you have submitted your designs we will post them here.

The closing date is October 30, 2012.

Unlike the X Factor our judges are our social media friends, and the TOP 3 designs will be selected on November 7, 2012.