23 March 2013

22 March 2013

19 March 2013

New Artist - Asa Wikman

We are delighted to welcome onboard our latest artist, Asa Wilkman.

Asa is a Swedish illustrator based in London.

Below are her collection.


I Love Hamster

Animal Kingdom Bear

18 March 2013

Leather Bracelets We Love

Whilst browsing net-a-porter we thought about putting together some of our favourite leather bracelets.

Here they are...
Alexander McQueen
Maria Rudman

Alexander McQueen
Marc by Marc Jacob

14 March 2013

Update on our iPhone 5 cases

Last week we received different batches of iPhone 5 cases but they do not fit the cases after printing the designs on to them.

However one of the batches which have been made with the Sorona, which we’re made to believe caused the original problem, now have most of the issues we raised resolved.

As this is our preferred choice of material, we have asked our manufacturers to look into this with the possibility of making our cases with this material.

Presently, we’re awaiting a response from them and hope to have something positive to report shortly :)


5 March 2013

4 March 2013

Update - iPhone 5 case

A few weeks ago we received more sample iPhone 5 cases but we’re still having problems with them.

The latest problem is a post-production one which stems from our printing process.

Normally, we print our cases using a 3D sublimation process which transfers the inks onto the cases at a very high temperature. During this process the cases shrink slightly causing them not to fit the iPhone 5 afterwards.

To fix this problem we are trialling cases of different sizes. Work started on these cases last week Thursday and we’re expecting them to be shipped on Wednesday. 

Fingers crossed we find a batch that fits the iPhone 5 after printing.


3 March 2013

Update - Bag Range

These are the specification sheets for our bag range, which we received yesterday.

The next stage is to get the bag samples made which will take a few weeks.

Haven contacted more than 15 factories in the UK, we now have three potential factories to help us.

The plan is to work with one of these factories. Fingers crossed everything goes to plan and we have something to show you by the end of the month.

We hope someone will like them.


Bag range designed by Janice Rosenberg

2 March 2013

In My Bag - Maria Louise Rasmussen

We are extremely proud of our collaboration with bloggers.

Apart from including our products in outfit posts, they are also being featured in a "what’s in my bag” posts.

Below is one of the most recent posts, by Danish blogger Maria Rasmussen of Style Intuition. 

In her Proenza Schouler bag is a Bottega Vaneta wallet, MAC lipstick, Sephora make up mirror and our Teacup case, designed by Fifi Lapin.


Eyewear - Karen Walker

Karen Walker is a New Zealand fashion designer known for pieces which fuse classic, tailored and preppy element with casual street style.

The brand’s collection include jewellery, shoes ready-to-wear womenswear and a well-regarded eyewear.

We love Karen Walker, particularly her sunglasses. 

Below is our favourite from her current eyewear collection.