22 August 2015

Studio Update: Fern and Beetle iPhone Cases

Happy Saturday everyone, hope the sun is shining too where you are and you’re having a brilliant weekend!

We have a really exciting studio update to share with you this week. Remember our fern and beetle print development posts from the past few weeks? We may have told you that they were going to be used exclusively towards our new silk scarf collection. Well, we’ve decided to apply them to iPhone cases too!

In our mock-ups, you can see we’ve created a whole beetle family, each bearing its own unique pattern and distinct shape. We chose to feature this design on a bright white case to emphasise the contrast between the illustrations’ intricate, graphical lines.

On our fern print case however, we feature two varieties of dark and bright leaves against a dusty peach background. We believe against the green ferns, it creates a harmonious contrast that stand-outs but isn’t in your face.

We've aimed these two designs for the minimalism fans out there but maximalists, don't despair, we're also working on some bold, fun and feminine styles just for you!

These new designs will become available once we've unveiled our big rebrand! In the meantime, we’d love to hear your thoughts on our designs so far. Let us know in the comments below!

15 August 2015

Studio Update: The Fantastic Fern

Hello everyone, us again! We just wanted to share the news of an exciting new print we’ve been working on for our new silk scarf collection coming soon. We’ve continued to be inspired by nature and this week we’ve started developing a very summery new fern print.

We’ve explored florals, beetles and now we’re onto the humble fern. Why have we chosen the fern of all plants? Well, if you take a look at our moodboard above you can begin to appreciate how intricately detailed their leaves are, more so compared to other plants. When collated together as a repeated print, it has the potential to create some striking imagery overall. Don’t know about you, but we are instantly transported to somewhere far more exotic when we set our eyes on this luscious botanical print!
Our print designer Louise Thomas has been working again very hard this week to create some very detailed sketches for us. As you can see above, each leaf has been given a lot of depth due to its shading, with tones transitioning between deep emerald to a bright peridot. We can’t wait to see how these illustrations might look on our delicate, silk scarves. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts so get in touch and have a fantastic weekend!

7 August 2015

Studio Update: Beetlemania

Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is nearly upon us and boy, what a busy week it's been in the Iconemesis studio. Particularly so, as we continue to add the final touches to our big re-brand in just over a week's time! Our new makeover has been months in the making but from Monday 17th August we reveal a brand new, glossy website and logo with all your favourite illustrated tech cases still in tow.

This week we also started developing print designs for our new silk scarves range. Since our last studio update, we have continued moodboarding into other themes (it's highly addictive) and have some initial sketches underway - exciting stuff! Altogether we will have eight scarf patterns including florals and feathers, but today we wanted to share with you the progress of our beetle print.

As you can see in our moodboard top of page, we drew inspiration from the beetle's distinct silhouette and how the beautiful insect has influenced fashion and design. Last week saw the closure of the V&A's most popular show in history that was the Savage Beauty exhibition - a celebration of the extraordinary talents of Alexander McQueen. The late fashion designer was famously inspired by nature, particularly insects, and often presented their colourful patterns in a kaleidoscopic manner. From this, we explored graphical, line motifs to incorporate into the final designs.

Here's our progress so far...
The sketches are the handiwork of the talented Louise Thomas - our in-house print designer - whose designs you may recognise from some of our tech cases. The designs are so incredibly-detailed yet ultra-contemporary. We can't wait to see them in colour and set on our silk scarves. As always, we will keep you updated of our progress as we go along and next Friday's post might be the last from Iconemesis as you know it... (Oops, said too much?)

Whatever you do, have a fabulous weekend. Until next time!

1 August 2015

From The Studio: Decisions, decision...

Last week we let you have a little behind the scenes look at our re-branding photoshoot and now that it is over and done with we have the lovely task of narrowing down the pictures to a small selection to use for our new website. Would you believe that in a 3 hour period or photographer took nearly 1000 photos?! We certainly did a double take when the contact sheet came through! We have managed to cut that down to a lovely 100 so far but this week and next week is going to be where we finalise them and get them sent off for final edits and touch ups.

The images are going to play a central part of our new website which we are also in the process of designing up and should show of our new brand image quite well... we hope! Our current website - iconemesis.co.uk - is great but we can't wait to show you this new fashion forward sleek look that we have been developing.

Also, our scarves are nearly ready! We have quality checked them and now we are just waiting for the first batch to arrive back from the factory, we might let you have a little look at them when they arrive or we may wait until the website relaunches... stay tuned!