26 July 2015

A Behind The Scene Look: Photoshoot

Hello Iconemesis fans, this week we have something very exciting to share with you and we hope you can understand why this post is two days late. On Saturday we moved from the studio - where we have been busy finishing up the designs of our scarves that we will be *fingers crossed* showing you next week - and headed out with a team to go and shoot our campaign for our new website!

Of course, as with all of our rebranding posts, we don't want to give too much away but we would just like to let you know what has been going on. So, our lovely team of models, stylists, and one trusty photographer took to London's Southbank Centre to shoot some images for our new website and our new brand. The shoot was very much location based and we used the hustle and bustle of this creative part of London to inspire the energy for the shoot.

We can't wait to show you the finished campaign! We have already got the contact sheet back and to say that we are excited would be an understatement. We don't want to give away too much but the above picture should give you a little insight or at least into one of the models we were working with (that's right, the campaign has two!).

When the photos are out we will of course be crediting and letting you know all about the great team we were working with on the day. Until then however, stay tuned...

17 July 2015

Studio Update: Getting Our Hair Done

There is a commonly held phrase that a person who changes their hair is about to change their life and it all links to the idea that our outer appearance is representative of what is going on inside. For us this could not be truer right now as we are carving out our new online brand and everything that goes along with it. So whilst we are continuing to develop our range of scarves and our new patterns we have also been getting our hair done...


Before telling you about our new outer appearance we should probably let you in on the inner workings of the studio and the exciting news that we have sent our scarf designs off to the manufacturers! So very soon we are going to be sent back boxes of beautifully printed scarves ready to share with you.


So what hairstyle are we actually going for? Well our logo is almost finalised, we are just getting some feedback from a few stylish friends before agreeing on the best fit for the brand. We have narrowed it done to one typeface and are just considering the best colour and style for the final look. Alongside this, we are also working on our new website and have got a few designs in mind that we think are going to work really well with our new collection.

10 July 2015

Studio Update: Feeling Moody

Hello once again from the Iconemesis Studio! As usual we have been very busy but have still managed to find time to update you on everything that has been going on. Last week we were focusing on our re-launch party and spent a lot of time out of the studio hunting down venues, but now our attention has turned to one thing in particular... mood boards.

When we first start to develop prints and products we like to put what is in our head on paper and gather up all of our inspirations in one place. There is no better way to do that than with a good mood board! Not to give too much away, but above is our floral inspired mood board that we are using to help develop prints for our range of silk scarves. Rather than focusing on the big tropical leaves and botanicals that are around at the moment, we have been looking to next season where smaller, more intricate patterns are going to be more prominent. We have been looking at the work of William Morris and Andy Warhol amongst other to try and find an aesthetic that we really connect with.

As well as mood boarding for our new scarf range we have also been starting to style up some ideas for our upcoming photoshoot. We are feeling inspired by minimal classic style with an international twist, stay tuned to find out more and for a backstage write up of the shoot!

Come back next week to find out more about the Iconemesis re-brand journey...

3 July 2015

Location, Location, Location...

So over the last few weeks we have been giving you updates about our new products, our rebrand and lots of exciting things for you to be looking out for online. This week we are letting you in on the fact that our activities have started to extend past the screen of our computers.

First of all we have been scouting for studio spaces in Central London so that our brilliant ever-growing team can have a creative and fun space to meet and make the magic happen. We are busy designing our new collection and we are also designing up a (soon to be revealed) content platform to run alongside it. This means we are looking for a studio to suit a wide variety of need and we think we are getting close.

As well as studio spaces we are also on the hunt for a place to host.... our re-launch party! That's right you heard it here first, we are going to be throwing a party to reveal our new brand, our new designs and to help celebrate London Fashion Week. Stay tuned for the guest list to be revealed and the invites will start dropping into inboxes.

If you would like to attend our brand launch why not get in touch, and we might just see you at LFW!