5 June 2013

Introducing iconemesis to Bloggers

Social media is a very important part of any business, particularly for a small brand like iconemesis. 

As we do not have a budget for marketing campaigns, this is one of very few options we have inorder to reach our audience.

Last year, we started introducing our band and products to bloggers  in order to build an association, and luckily many have been supportive. As of today, our products have been featured by various bloggers globally. From Alexander Pepa, to Hanneli Mustaparta in her "what's in my bag” style post.

We love seeing bloggers with our products and are always looking for bloggers new bloggers to reach out to. In order to do this we have compiled a list of some of these blogs which include those that have featured our products and those we are huge fans of.

Unfortunately, we can't list them all here but here are some of them.


Style Scrapbook

Wish Wish Wish

The Native Fox

Karlas Closet

Lovely by Lucy

Ebba Zingmark

The Cherry Blossom Girl

The Blonde Salad

Into The Fold

1 comment:

  1. That's true! I came across your products thanks to a blogger, too! I hope that someday my blog is big enough to be you "ambassador", too :)

    Love from Germany,