11 December 2013

Iconemesis' 2013 Fashion Gift Guide

By: Shitika Anand
In an attempt to make your Christmas shopping stress-free, here's our top eight fashion present picks for your next online-shopping venture.

We have the ultimate stocking fillers, starting from the non-bank breaking range of £10 and going up to a splash of £1000... but it's the happiest time of the year, we're allowed to break the bank a little, right? 

Now, all you need is the wrapping paper... and your credit card, of course.

  1. Rudolf sweater£32, asos.com: Your Christmas day lunch is sorted - team this jumper with skinny black jeans, a pair of booties and a bold red lip. 
  2. Saturn Orbit Earrings£95, Tatty Devine: For your astronomy-loving aunty, these glamourous earrings will add the much-needed bling to the attire. With the semi-precious tiger's eye bead embellished golden chain, these handmade beauties are a must for the holiday season. 
  3. Ain't no Wifey Jumper, £50.40, DimePiece, Coggles.com: Gloat this social message with pride on your chest this Christmas. Because, I ain't your wifey
  4. Triangular Ornate Stud Earrings£10, topshop.com: Glitzy, shiny and full of poise! These el-cheapo present will definitely make your little sister very merry. 
  5. Hand-knitted beanie£10, replay.it: Keep warm this winter with this super cool Norwegian-style beanie. Ideal for those romantic dates around the bonfire. 
  6. Corrie Blouse, £140, shop.riyka.com: No wardrobe is complete without a touch of androgyny and added boy-drama. The classic geometric panelled print of this Riyka shirt is just what your wardrobe needs. 
  7. Pure Camel Coat£990, maxmara.com: OK, we agree, this one is a little bit of a splurge, but look at it this way, once your mum has a Max Mara coat in her wardrobe, you're entitled to 'borrow' it for special occasions as well, right? And who makes a camel wrap-around coat better than Max Mara? No one, that's correct. 
  8. The Fur Coat by Fifi Lapin Cover£19.99, iconemesis.co.ukDress up your phone this Christmas with the most fashionable accessory, i.e. this Fifi Lapin cover at our online store. Surely your iPhones will get a little chilly too? They need this faux-fur coat. 
Tell us, which one of these is going on your Christmas shopping list? 


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