13 December 2013

Iconemesis' 2013 Lifestyle Gift Guide

You have the mascara and the muffler in your shopping bag, but what about that uncle who doesn't like a Christmas jumper or that colleague at work who doesn't wear any makeup?

Yep, we understand your conundrum. Hence why, this Christmas gift guide is for every literature-loving, stationary-addict and appliances-hog in your life.

Start shopping, why don't you?

  1. Leopard Hottie Body Warmer£8, topshop.com: Winter = a cuddling buddy. If someone you know doesn't have a human-size cuddle partner, give them this leopard. It heats in the microwave and stays warm for hours. 
  2. Leon Little Cookery Books£5.99 each, shop.leonrestaurants.co.uk: That university mate of yours who is struggling to create her own Masterchef dish in her cube-sized kitchen - yeah, her. She needs these miniature Leon cooking books in her kitchen. Make sure you ask for a dinner invite. 
  3. Manifesto Pencils£6.95, bloomsburystore.com: What's better than stationary that talks to you? These pencils are etched with mottos to live by and they come in a very festive tin box too. Some mottos include: Live the life you imagined, Make hay while the sun shines
  4. Colour Me Good Ryan Gosling£7.50, bigcartel.com: This Hollywood's hunk du jour is now colourable. Who said colour books are only for kids? This 15-page colouring book is dedicated to the handsome man, all you have to do is stay in between the lines. 
  5. Lonely Planet's Best Ever Photography Tips Books£4.99, urbanoutfitters.co.uk: For the cousin with the travel bug, this pocket-sized book will transform her Instagram shots into Pulitzer-worthy masterpieces. The author's award-winning expertise advice cannot be taken casually. 
  6. Floral Round Storage Box, £15.99, zarahome.com: These will look pretty on your nanna's dressing table and in the study of the house. You can't have enough storage boxes in the house, anyway. 
  7. Feather Cheese Knives - set of four, £22, oliverbonas.com: What's Christmas without cheese, right? These gorgeous high shine, silver cheese knives with golden feather tops will match the Christmas decoration and we predict your mum will love. 
  8. Sunnyside Fried Egg Mould£7.95, hunkydoryhome.co.uk: Christmas day breakfast just got a whole new level of amazing. Just look at the photo and judge for yourself; we are in love!
  9. Downton Abbey Season 1-4 Box Set£28, amazon.co.uk: An English-classic that's got the best of us addicted to our TV sets. Aiding to that addiction even further, get this DVD set for the entire family, and spend the day at home near the fire... Mmm! 
  10. Dancing Elephant by Karin Soderquist iPhone 5/5s case£24.99, iconemesis.co.uk: It's the holidays, and we wish to dance just like this cute little elephant. A perfect gift idea for anyone with an iPhone 5 or 5s, this artistic cover is made with Sorona - an eco-friendly material. Pssst, we have 20% offer on at our online store right now... in case you need any more temptation. 


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