10 January 2014

What's On in London: Week January 11-13

With so much to do in this city of dreams, there's not a night in London that qualifies just as another average night. From art, culture, theatre, fashion and food - there's something to serve everyone in this city, on every night.

As Samuel Jackson once rightly said, "Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all hat life can afford." Amen.

Here's a look at all the activities you can be part of and attend this weekend in London-town. Get booking and planning, ladies.

The London Ice Sculpting Festival: Jan 11-12 (Free) @Wood Wharf, 100 Preston's Rd, E14 9SB: This three-day ice-sculpting extravaganza will surely help you work on your skills too.

Maroon 5 Concert: Jan 11-12 (Buy tickets here) @ The O2: They're good looking, they're good singers and they make women swoon with their tunes. Go for a little boogie this weekend to the voices of these LA rockstars.

Hogwards in the Snow: Jan 11-Feb 2 (Buy tickets here) @ Warner Bros Studio: Straight from Harry Potter movies to the Warner Bros. studio near you - this tour looks at all the minute details behind the sets, characters, spells, costumes, creatures and wizardry behind the HP films. Pretty magical, we say!

Astronomy Photographer Of The Year: Jan 11-Feb 23 (Free) @ Royal Observatory: Featuring dozens of professional and amatuer images of the Earth and the Space... all making you want to believe in aliens, magic and outer-space drama.

Nelson Mandela, The Long Walk To Freedom Exhibition: Jan 13-Feb 14 (Free) @ Belgravia Gallery: A legend whose recent passing away shook the world, is still managing to leave his impact behind for people to love and nourish. This gallery has collected 16 pieces of lithographs - signed and with commentaries from the man himself - and it's exhibited along with a masterpiece of work called 'The Hand Of Africa'. A must see!

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