7 January 2014

Winter Outfit Post: Style With Accessories

Baby, it's cold outside! And it'll only get worse from here on.

The one good thing about winter, probably the only one, is that we get to style our outfits in the most chic, sophisticated and gracious manner. There are so many accessories to play around with that, as a woman, you'd never run out of options on a cold winter morning.

There are ways to give your look a serious upgrade, however, and that's by investing in more than just the basics for the chilly weather. You need to look beyond the denims, plain white and black tees, overcoat and boots. There's so much more you can add to the winter look and make it a standout outfit amidst the sea of umbrellas and black uniforms on the streets on London.

Be it snow, rain, ice or a shimmer of sunshine, you need these added essentials in your wardrobe for the coming months of Winter in 2014.

  1. Scarves: A girl can never have enough scarves in her wardrobe - be it for spring or snow. Throw it around your neck or tie it on your handbag for an added glam factor. The trick to wearing scarves in winter is always wrap it around your neck after you've worn your jacket or overcoat.
  2. Earmuffs: You don't necessarily have to look like an Asian schoolgirl to master this look. These fluffy cuties can be a lifesaver in the windy, chilly season. Get one with a neutral tone, so it goes with all your outfits and when you're indoors, tuck it inside your handbag.
  3. Hats: Another lifesaver when it comes to the ears and head, hats in winter can be very versatile. From ghetto baseball caps to fedoras to a beanie - there's an entire range to look into if your head needs some protection. Not feel like hatting it this cold season? Wrap a scarf around your head and go for a chic red riding hood look!
  4. Gloves: We know that these will hamper all the phone time you may be used to - especially when your phone is looking all cozy in that Iconemesis case - but you cannot play with snow without gloves, right? We're big fans of the leather-look ones at Iconemesis HQ, but if comfort is your thing, then invest in some woollen ones and they will do the job well enough.

Here are our favourite street style picks from Couture Week in Paris in 2013. After all, who does fashion better than Parisian women?

Which look is your favourite? Tell us below.

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