6 September 2015

Studio Update: Fern and Beetle NEW COLOURS

Happy Sunday lovelies! Hope everyone is having a relaxing day today with your feet well and truly up! Whilst we have you sat down, we’re going to take the opportunity to tell you about some new products we’ve developed this week.

Last week you may recall us introducing our fern and beetle print iPhone cases? Of course you do. Since the feedback was so overwhelmingly positive, we decided to go ahead and recreate each print in a different colour variation to appeal to the bolder and more feminine amongst you.

So not only do we have the fern print contrasting against a dusty peach background, we now have it against a bright white backdrop too so the emerald fern leaves really pop!

On the flip side, last week we introduced the monochromatic beetle case. This week, we coloured the little beetle families in a rainbow of bright exotic hues for a case that is a little bit tropical, but a whole of fun.

These new designs are part of a new collection following our rebrand which takes place… oh crikey, tomorrow! Keep your eyes peeled as we share the exciting news on Monday. Don’t worry, this isn’t goodbye! Iconomesis lives on, but not as you know it...