5 September 2012

Our Plan for 2nd Year in Business

We have just finished our first year trading online, which was a successful one. In our first year, we hoped to break-even but we are very happy to have achieved a profit.

The first year has been a challenging one. It was also a year in which we learnt a lot about our products, customers and business environment. We believe this has prepared us for the future, which we hope will be a bright one.

Unlike our first year, where we didn't have a plan, we’ve set out our plans for the second year below.

The aim is to better last years results and our plans include:

  • adding the iPhone 5 cases to the product range
  • collaborate with new designers
  • marketing activities
  • advertising activities
  • sales channel
  • new products
  • redesign and develop website
  • iconemesis team

iPhone 5 cases
Apple is expected to launch iPhone 5 shortly and we will be making cases for it. Unlike our iPhone 3G, 4 and 4S cases, the iPhone 5 cases will be made in the UK.

New designs and artists
The designs available on our products are at the heart of our business and we will be adding some exiting and new designs, some from our existing artists and also from new ones.

We have a growing female audience, particularly within the under 25 age group. The plan is to attract more interest from this group and the over 25’s. Around 53% of the British population owns a smartphone, and our calculation show that there are about 9.8million adults with iPhones alone. We estimate the female audience account for a little over 5million of iPhone users in the UK. Worldwide this figure is considerably higher and the trend is predicted to increase both in the UK and the rest of the world over the coming years.

We have had a positive response to our collaborations with bloggers, without them we probably would have been out of business by now. We plan to continue these collaborations and also create an affiliate program with selected bloggers. On top of this we will be using other forms of advertising such as magazines, events etc

Sales channel
Presently, our products are only available online but we are looking for other sales channels like shops to sell them.

New products
As part of our plans for growth, we will be expanding our product range. A recent survey showed that handbags are our audience most desirable accessories, which we plan to introduce early 2013, followed by other accessories. To help with creating our accessories range, we will be employing the services an accessories/bag designer onboard.

Some of our customers have found our current website a little confusing and we plan to design and build a new one which is fresh, dynamic and user-friendly.

iconemesis team
iconemesis is a one-man band, supported by his wife and 3 months old baby. One area where the business has struggled mostly is in marketing and advertising. Ideally, we would have a marketing and/or PR person, along with a brand strategist but we have insufficient funds. We are very ambitious  and believe that with the right team the world is our oyster.

We have been exploring options available to us regarding the right personnel which include employing someone on a freelance role which may lead to a permanent role. Another member required is a graphic designer.

iconemesis is a relatively new lifestyle brand. We are a small but growing brand and our aim is to be recognised and well-known within the lifestyle industry in the UK and beyond.

For us “ordinary is not an option”

We would love to hear from you. Please email us at hello@iconemesis.co.uk if you have any questions or wish to add value to our plan.

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  1. Hello, I sent you an email earlier, I have a few ideas I would like to share with you. Hope to hear from you soon, Charlee