5 July 2013

Introducing Our Brand New Design: The Bowling Bag

You voted for the bowling bad as your favourite, so we made it.

Just yesterday, we collected it from the manufacturer and we’re very happy with it.

We’re particularly happy with the quality and attention to the detailing. The bag’s been made well and the finish at either end of the bag reminds us a bit of a women’s version of a suitcase.

The plan is to make this bag available in a range of colours. From a sleek and chic black, to a vibrant London bus red(as below), or a vintage brown to a pastel blue.

The big question is which colours? We know we can rely on you and want you to help us choose.

Help us by adding a comment below with your favourite colours. Let us know which colour you want to see on the production of our bowling bag.



  1. I absolutely love this bag. It's one of my fave shapes! The red is stunning. I'm always a fan of a simple black or brown since I love tying a scarf to the handle.

    1. Hi Caroline,

      Thank you for your positive feedback, we're glad to know your thoughts. Regarding your favourite colours we've made a note of this :) Keep an eye out for the update. Thanks again! x iconemesis

  2. The bag is stunning! I can't wait for the real product to be launch! RED is the new Classy!

  3. I think a two-tone black and white bag would be nice - white bag with black handles and accents!

  4. that's a beautiful bag! i especially love the lipstick red color!

  5. Looks great! I would say: black & white, black, white, light brown/beige, red and navy blue.

    Xx Alex