19 June 2015

From The Studio: More Than Just iPhone Cases...

As you may have seen from a few postings over on the main Iconemesis website blog and on our Instagram, we are currently undergoing a rebrand and will no longer be called Iconemesis in a few months time. However, you might not know that it is not only our name and website that are having an overhaul, and we are also branching out into new territory with our products. 

At Iconemesis we are infamous - or so we have been told - for our lovely patterned iPhone cases and lots of people trust their tech to be protected and decorated by our designs. We are passionate about collaborating with designers (in fact we have some new illustrator cases out right now) but we have been getting the design itch ourselves which is why we now stock Iconemesis own patterns in addition to our well loved illustrator designs. So what is the next step for us? Well the most obvious one was take our new found love of design and apply it to something other than iPhone cases.

We have decided to use our rebrand as a chance to launch our first ever range of silk scarves which are going to be the start of something pretty big because as you can imagine, we don't want to stop there. You can see some swatches of the new designs above but that is all we are going to show you for now... we do like to tease you. But trust that the wait will be worth it and soon you will have some lovely new silk scarves to shop from a new brand, with the same Iconemesis feel. 

Do you like the pattern swatches? Tell us what you think! 


  1. These look absolutely beautiful! Loving the light pink watercolour one. So lovely!

    Kim | The Lens Affair

  2. Love these! Can't wait to see what else you've got in the pipeline! X

  3. Happy to discuss MediaDevil printing/fulfilling your phone case orders if you want to focus on the new products. Callum