28 June 2015

New Line Update: Scarf Samples and Logo Decisions

Hello again from the Iconemesis Studio! We have had another productive and exciting week of design activities that we just can't wait to share with you. We spoke last week about getting in our scarf material samples and now this week we have moved on to putting our prints on the gorgeous silks. We have trialled the printing with our popular Oriental Birds pattern from our existing iPhone case range and we are very pleased with the results. 

The silk that the pattern is printed on is Silk Habotai, a Chinese silk of a medium weight and glossy finish that is soft to the touch, perfect qualities for making a luxurious feeling scarf. The most important thing about the silk is that it is optimised for digital media printing, the technique that we are using, and so it means that all of the colours remain vibrant and the details remain sharp. This means that our scarf range, when fully developed, is going to feature patterns of the highest design quality and they will be real investment pieces. 

As well as scarf development, our Online Editor and new Designer have been working closely to figure out the best direction for our new logo. We won't share all of the details with you but just to let you know that we are very close to making a decision that we hope you are all going to love! This week has been a great one in terms of really starting to nail down the visuals for the rebrand and we cannot wait to share more with you... when we can! 

What do you think to the Birds Scarf sample? 


  1. I like it, the pale colours make it just right for summer and the fabric sounds lovely, cannot wait to see the finished article.

  2. love the natural of the scarf. Makes it easy to wear with anything.