17 July 2015

Studio Update: Getting Our Hair Done

There is a commonly held phrase that a person who changes their hair is about to change their life and it all links to the idea that our outer appearance is representative of what is going on inside. For us this could not be truer right now as we are carving out our new online brand and everything that goes along with it. So whilst we are continuing to develop our range of scarves and our new patterns we have also been getting our hair done...


Before telling you about our new outer appearance we should probably let you in on the inner workings of the studio and the exciting news that we have sent our scarf designs off to the manufacturers! So very soon we are going to be sent back boxes of beautifully printed scarves ready to share with you.


So what hairstyle are we actually going for? Well our logo is almost finalised, we are just getting some feedback from a few stylish friends before agreeing on the best fit for the brand. We have narrowed it done to one typeface and are just considering the best colour and style for the final look. Alongside this, we are also working on our new website and have got a few designs in mind that we think are going to work really well with our new collection.

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