1 August 2015

From The Studio: Decisions, decision...

Last week we let you have a little behind the scenes look at our re-branding photoshoot and now that it is over and done with we have the lovely task of narrowing down the pictures to a small selection to use for our new website. Would you believe that in a 3 hour period or photographer took nearly 1000 photos?! We certainly did a double take when the contact sheet came through! We have managed to cut that down to a lovely 100 so far but this week and next week is going to be where we finalise them and get them sent off for final edits and touch ups.

The images are going to play a central part of our new website which we are also in the process of designing up and should show of our new brand image quite well... we hope! Our current website - iconemesis.co.uk - is great but we can't wait to show you this new fashion forward sleek look that we have been developing.

Also, our scarves are nearly ready! We have quality checked them and now we are just waiting for the first batch to arrive back from the factory, we might let you have a little look at them when they arrive or we may wait until the website relaunches... stay tuned!

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