15 August 2015

Studio Update: The Fantastic Fern

Hello everyone, us again! We just wanted to share the news of an exciting new print we’ve been working on for our new silk scarf collection coming soon. We’ve continued to be inspired by nature and this week we’ve started developing a very summery new fern print.

We’ve explored florals, beetles and now we’re onto the humble fern. Why have we chosen the fern of all plants? Well, if you take a look at our moodboard above you can begin to appreciate how intricately detailed their leaves are, more so compared to other plants. When collated together as a repeated print, it has the potential to create some striking imagery overall. Don’t know about you, but we are instantly transported to somewhere far more exotic when we set our eyes on this luscious botanical print!
Our print designer Louise Thomas has been working again very hard this week to create some very detailed sketches for us. As you can see above, each leaf has been given a lot of depth due to its shading, with tones transitioning between deep emerald to a bright peridot. We can’t wait to see how these illustrations might look on our delicate, silk scarves. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts so get in touch and have a fantastic weekend!

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